our educational goals

our values


the child around his learning.


s'accepter et accepter l'autre dans sa différence


a positive attitude, encouragement and respect for the child's personality


create an ecological awareness and raise awareness of respect for nature

An educational project focused on the autonomy of the child

To support the child towards a progressive autonomy, we rely on the Montessori pedagogy: we offer the child a stimulating and incentive framework respecting each phase of its development. In an environment that allows him to build his personality and to acquire both motor and intellectual faculties, we accompany the child in his natural cognitive, physical and emotional development in order to lead him to explore the whole of its potentialities by being a player in its learning.

Physical autonomy

by showing the child that he can do alone, take care of him (wash his hands, put on his shoes, get dressed, go get a handkerchief, …). The use of familiar objects in the classroom leads him to autonomy of daily actions (buttoning, lacing, transferring, washing, wringing, sorting, tidying, …). For this, we have designed a space adapted to the size of your child. The child acquires physical independence through the Montessori practical life activities.

Intellectual autonomy

which consists of setting up activities that allow one to question oneself, to confront one’s ideas with those of others and to reflect together. In addition, we make available to the child all the Montessori material which has the advantage of being self-correcting. Thanks to this, the child himself recognizes the need to start again or to perfect oneself in order to reach the abstraction or a better control of the movement. Thanks to this material, the child is free from the control of the adult, he is his own guide by learning to control his actions.

A pedagogy highlighting a privileged affective relationship with the child.

In the early years, your child feels the need to be surrounded, both physically and psychologically, to feel reassured. His desire for autonomy, the construction of his person then come naturally.

It is by welcoming the emotions of your child, by listening to them, by naming them, that we can accompany them in the construction of their personality. We invite him to discover the vocabulary of the emotional world so that he can express what he feels.

A pedagogy based on learning through play

Cognitive, social and emotional neuroscience confirms the importance of attention, active engagement, feedback and repetition to optimize learning in children. Our slogan “The pleasure of being small” evokes this importance of learning through play, to bring about these different elements. All our projects and activities are offered to children in the form of games. In addition, play, discovery and exploration help the child to develop his physical, mental and motor skills in a fun way.

An organization of activities by workshop

In addition to individual activities, we offer numerous workshops that allow the child to develop his creativity, his curiosity, his imagination, his global psychomotricity and his five senses while sharing good moments with friends