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educational program

complete educational program in a bilingual French-English environment

educational team

équipe pédagogique hautement qualifiée et bienveillante


infrastructure designed for the well-being and comfort of your child

educational material

educational material developed by Dr. Séguin and Dr. Montessori

Babychou cycles

waking class

12 months - 2 years

very small section

2 years - 3 years

little section

3 years - 4 years

middle section

4 years - 5 years

big section

5 years - 6 years

Babychou formulas

We offer flexible hours to adapt to your commitments.

our baby days

half day - Morning

good morning

half day - Afternoon

good afternoon

full day

happy day

our most

English workshops

english is fun

workshops - School holidays

Image de l'atelier jeux de rôles de la crèche Babychou

happy club

babysitting service 17h-18h

flexi +

our lunch formulas

our canteen

the gourmet canteen

your lunch basket

packed lunch

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